Seamless Solid Rod Cored Wire
Seamless Solid Rod Cored Wire
  • Lead has always been committed to providing high-quality cored wires
  • Extra-high yield
  • May provide high-purity Calcium Solid Rod (≥99%)
  • Less splashing and fuming
Advanced Technology of our Seamless Solid Rod Cored Wire
Seamless Solid Rod Cored Wire is a cored wire type mainly for pure Calcium solid rod wires, usually with a sheath thickness≥1.0mm. It has a relatively high Calcium yield due to its thick sheath and welded structure. Baotou Lead Injection Alloys Co., Ltd. takes advantage of self manufactured high purity Calcium solid rods and our mature manufacturing techniques to provide customers with reliable and first-rate seamless solid rod cored wires.
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Advanced Technology of our Seamless Solid Rod Cored Wire
Typical Specification of Cored Wire
Product Fill Rate(g/m) Main Application
Φ9mm Φ13mm Φ16mm
High Purity CaFe(Seamless) - 210 - Modification of inclusions
Ca (Seamless Calcium Rod) 45~65 - - Modification of inclusions
Ca (Calcium Rod) 65±5 - - Modification of inclusions
Ca (Granule) 55±5 - - Modification of inclusions
CaSi + Re Rod - 330 - Modification of inclusions
CaSi - 225 330 Modification of inclusions and castability
Ca Rod + Si - 220 320 Modification of inclusions and castability
CaFe - 250 365 Modification of inclusions
CaAIFe - 200 300 Modification of inclusions with high yield
BaCaSi 110 225 330 Modification of inclusions
FeTi 165 370 570 Microalloying and deoxidation
FeB 200 503 825 Microalloying
AI 80 200 300 Deoxidation and grain size improvement
Mg 60 140 210 Desulfurization and nodularization
ReMgSi - 235 330 Nodularization
High-Mg ReMgSi - 230 - Nodularization
S 90 200 - Resulphurizing of engineering steel
C 70 140 - Carbon fine adjustment, trimming addition
Te - 420 - Improvement of steel strength and corrosion resistance;
reduction of nitrogen absorption of steel
MnN - 460 - Improvement of strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance of steel
Other materials - - - On request

*Coils could be packed in steel pallets with steel cages and shrink-wrapped in plastic films based on coil orientation and the customer's request.
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